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May 22, 2020
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Welcome to the FAQ section of the forums. Here we'll list our most commonly asked questions so that you can get a quick & easy response to them. If your questions are not answered by reading this document then please head over to #help within our Discord or contact a member of staff on our server itself.


Here are some things we advise for you to read before playing on the server.





This document!

How do I get a larger sized plot?

Larger sized plots are restricted to Donator Ranks only.

Information on what you are given with the purchase of a rank is listed on the buycraft website, you can get there by clicking the link below.

The maximum size a plot can be is 600x600 BLOCKS


How do I Roleplay?

Roleplay is the act of creating an imaginary character or putting yourself into the shoes of them & acting it out situations & scenarios from their perspective. This can vary from all different genres, ages & themes - However that's the best part. The only limits here are your imagination.

Commands to do with roleplay such as /me, /yell, etc. Can be found by clicking the link above for 'SERVER COMMANDS' as that's where they're gone into a lot more detail, however simply head over to a plot you fancy, type /rp character, create your character & you're good to go!


How do I use Colours?

You must be a Donator to use colours in In-Character (IC) chat and you have to be a Donator to use colours in your character’s description alongside anything else that can possibly include colouring, e.g your Roleplay's Name.

Once you've donated check out the colour codes here:

As a donator feature you may as well have the /nick which gives you the opportunity to change your nickname, e.g:



How do I change my Roleplay Name or Description?

our roleplay name or description cannot be individually changed, simply stand on a plot of your choosing & type /rp character to begin the creation process once more, from there you're able to edit each & every thing about your character.


How do I assign my Custom Resource Pack?

After purchasing a Custom Resource Pack from our store, you may assign it following the document below. In that most we go into far more detail about how these work.


How do I create a Role?

A role can be created by using the 'ROLES' selection within the Server Settings MENU, clicking the button to create one prompts for you to choose a colour for the role itself. Donators are able to choose this however non-donators are restricted to the colour yellow.

From there you may input the role's name & it should be good to go!

Refer to the information just below to figure out how to exactly hand out & offer these roles to your players using ROLE SIGNS.


How do I put Roles onto Signs? / What is a Role Sign?

Roles signs are things that can be used to easily distribute & hand out roles amongst players within your Roleplay, rather than having to do this manually each & every time for every individual.

You can find out more about what role signs are & how to set them up by clicking the link below:


How do I become staff?

We are not currently looking for individual staff members for Roleplay Maker.


I’m banned and really want to get back on the server, can I please be unbanned?

If you wish to be unbanned from the server, click on this link:

Follow the format provided & follow the rules - Before then submitting the Ban Appeal within the section.


I can't get onto the server!

Ensure you're joining the server on the version 1.13.2 - Otherwise you may be getting an error message such as 'You have been kicked from the network!'


Someone isn’t following the rules - but NO staff are online, what do I do?

You can report the player through using Ban Request on our forums.

Follow the format & rules provided - Before you then submit the request.


How do I buy a donator rank on the server?

Type the command /buy whilst on the server OR click here then click your desired item.


How do I get my Roleplay Featured?

Featured roleplays are selection randomly on a daily or even weekly basis. To have a chance at getting featured you should make your roleplay as good as possible to attract an audience, from there it will be displayed publicly for people to join.

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