An unspoken tale of Shaggy Waggy.


May 23, 2020
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Hello! It is your host
The Shaggy Waggy, the one and only, the infamous Shagster.

I would like to make an introduction before we get started, up above is my catchphrase, I own the copyright to it. Not literally but it would be nice to have something for a little bit. I am not based on a cartoon character, well that's a lie, but I do not roleplay as Norville Rodgers. Even if my name is UltraNorville.

First and foremost, if you ever want to talk to me, I am always in discord, as well as in-game, you have your choice, but remember it might be the only time you'll talk to Shaggy.

A part from me self promoting myself, I am an undoubtedly shy, though talkative person, I would say I gain that from my mother, though not the shy part, that sort've just appeared. As many of us just play SRP for the fun of it, or as an escape, I play it for both. Though escape in a good way, because sometimes I don't want to walk around in real life, so I get on SRP to train my speed attribute.

I am a jokester, though most of my jokes aren't very funny. Shaggy, is a person whom I hope to push to make people experience more. Now I understand Shaggy is borderline patrol, though it is not ILLEGAL to have this character made, as long as it isn't a direct copy of Norville Rodgers.

Talking more about myself I am a 16-year-old male, my birthday is May 24th, so if you wish to send me Happy Birthday
*Cough* Traccia#9114 *Cough* I am originally from Turin, Italy, though don't get mistaken, just because I am from a foreign country does NOT mean I have an accent. So ladies, calm down please. In real life, I am actually a humble and outspoken person, I love to meet others, and because of that I am most likely in a VC talking to someone. Though that is when a VC has people in it. I could go on and on about my life, though it'd take a long, and I mean a long time, so this post may be updated in the future, or this may be it.