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    Official Health & Safety | Information, Guidance & More

    Cyberbullying, a term quantifying online harassment and volatile behaviour patterns, is ever prevalent as an issue amongst the wide-web. We here in the Roleplay-Hub Administration do not tolerate these acts and behaviours whatsoever. Our goal in this portion is to spread awareness regarding the...
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    SUGGESTION | Suffixes and /hat

    DENIED - As for the /hat that's already a feature, the system with the suffixes though will have to be worked on at a later date.
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    SUGGESTION | Elevators

    ACCEPTED - We'll look into this & get it done as soon as possible.
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    FEEDBACK / SUGGESTION: Voting Tier System / Chat Editing / Age System

    DENIED - Thanks for the feedback however we've chosen to deny MOST this except for: The GUI commands & age displayment, we'll get to work on that right-away
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    Command Blocks

    DENIED - Thanks for the feedback however we've chosen to deny this.
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    Information Themes | How To, Guide & More

    INFORMATION Tired of having to constantly build your roleplay from scratch just to even begin playing? Well there's no longer a need to worry! Our new themes allow for you to create dynamic roleplay environments around yourself in a matter of seconds, ranging from the wild west, campsites...
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    Official Creation Master Challenge | Information & More

    INFORMATION Alongside our giveaway featured in #giveaway which is active till the end of this Month - We've decided to put another gift on the line for you all to claim. The challenge listed above requires for you to do the following: By the end of this week all Roleplays will be visited...
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    Adding a "Biome Selection" Screen

    ACCEPTED - We'll work on this now!
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    Role Permissions

    ACCEPTED - We've now added this feature, if you discover any bugs with it let us know through Discord!
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    SUGGESTION / FEEDBACK | A small suggestion

    PENDING - This is already a feature on RM. Does the selection to do this not appear for you?
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    BIOMES PICKER | Totalore

    ACCEPTED - We'll look in to this as soon as possible!
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    Role Signs On Walls

    ACCEPTED - We'll look in to this as soon as possible!
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    Information Roles | Role Signs, Role Locks & More

    UPDATE - Added Role Locks.
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    Information Server Commands | Combat, Physical, Emoting & More

    ADDED /disguise - Use this to disguise into any appropriate animal / mob for your roleplay or those you have access to. /rename - Use to rename items within your hand to various colours & names. /lore OR /setloreline LINE TEXT - Allows for you to set a line of lore (description) of your...
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    Information Donator Ranks | Information, Perks & More

    INFORMATION The following document will go into all the detail you could possibly need regarding the donator ranks & any other donator perks you could think of. This list will be updated overtime as we include & add more & more features for our donators. Ranks...
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    Official Character Biographies | Format, Information & More

    INFORMATION Here is where you can feature your characters across all Roleplays available on Roleplay Maker in all their glory. Descript their appearance, Below we've provided you an example format you may follow if you wish, however we encourage you all to make up your own unique formats...
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    Official Roleplay Servers | Information, How To Use & More

    INFORMATION Here players are able to advertise roleplays they have created on Roleplay Maker, following our own ready made format or using their own innovative one! Any inappropriate messages here will be deleted, however use this as a platform to gain a player base for your idea! Players are...
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    Information Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

    INFORMATION Welcome to the FAQ section of the forums. Here we'll list our most commonly asked questions so that you can get a quick & easy response to them. If your questions are not answered by reading this document then please head over to #help within our Discord or contact a member of staff...