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    Official Health & Safety | Information, Guidance & More

    Cyberbullying, a term quantifying online harassment and volatile behaviour patterns, is ever prevalent as an issue amongst the wide-web. We here in the Roleplay-Hub Administration do not tolerate these acts and behaviours whatsoever. Our goal in this portion is to spread awareness regarding the...
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    SUGGESTION | Suffixes and /hat

    DENIED - As for the /hat that's already a feature, the system with the suffixes though will have to be worked on at a later date.
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    SUGGESTION | Elevators

    ACCEPTED - We'll look into this & get it done as soon as possible.
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    FEEDBACK / SUGGESTION: Voting Tier System / Chat Editing / Age System

    DENIED - Thanks for the feedback however we've chosen to deny MOST this except for: The GUI commands & age displayment, we'll get to work on that right-away
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    Command Blocks

    DENIED - Thanks for the feedback however we've chosen to deny this.
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    Information Themes | How To, Guide & More

    INFORMATION Tired of having to constantly build your roleplay from scratch just to even begin playing? Well there's no longer a need to worry! Our new themes allow for you to create dynamic roleplay environments around yourself in a matter of seconds, ranging from the wild west, campsites...
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    Official Creation Master Challenge | Information & More

    INFORMATION Alongside our giveaway featured in #giveaway which is active till the end of this Month - We've decided to put another gift on the line for you all to claim. The challenge listed above requires for you to do the following: By the end of this week all Roleplays will be visited...
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    Adding a "Biome Selection" Screen

    ACCEPTED - We'll work on this now!
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    Role Permissions

    ACCEPTED - We've now added this feature, if you discover any bugs with it let us know through Discord!
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    SUGGESTION / FEEDBACK | A small suggestion

    PENDING - This is already a feature on RM. Does the selection to do this not appear for you?
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    BIOMES PICKER | Totalore

    ACCEPTED - We'll look in to this as soon as possible!
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    Role Signs On Walls

    ACCEPTED - We'll look in to this as soon as possible!
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    Information Roles | Role Signs, Role Locks & More

    UPDATE - Added Role Locks.
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    Information Server Commands | Combat, Physical, Emoting & More

    ADDED /disguise - Use this to disguise into any appropriate animal / mob for your roleplay or those you have access to. /rename - Use to rename items within your hand to various colours & names. /lore OR /setloreline LINE TEXT - Allows for you to set a line of lore (description) of your...